Custom Woodworking, Live edge Slabs, & other artistic oddities

The Black Oak Woodshop is a combined outlet for the creative process for both Dan and Ben Lago.  Whether it’s a freeform bowl, a large slab bar top or a small unique painted toy the Black Oak Woodshop is an open door to their world.  If you have a custom project, or are in need of a unique gift, or simply a slab or beam for your own project you’re in the right place….come on in.

Meet Dan & Ben Lago

Over years of evolution Dan had settled in on his unique style of carving, toys, signs and other projects.  Ben having full access to a well equipped shop at a young age was also able to explore different projects with wreckless abandon, breaking many tools in the process.  Both Dan and Ben have similar styles and enjoy a more natural flowing approach, often focusing on the “flaws” within a piece and making it the focal point.  Focusing  primarly on custom or commission pieces the focus has always been on creating the right piece, not the financial reward.

Dan currently does small intricate bowls, toys, signs and various other unique projects  Ben’s projects tend to be more focused on slabs, commissioned furniture pieces, such as bar tops, benches and tables.   Both Dan & Ben turn out various cutting boards, and other oddities.

Remarkably both Dan and Ben are proud to announce a near perfect safety record with all 10 fingers intact.

ben saw

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build one of a kind products

The Black Oak Wood Shop was formally created on May 22, 2013, however, its origins of creativity were planted much earlier. Dan Lago began woodworking as a hobby, using this as an outlet for projects which satisfied his need to create.   In 1972 when Dan and Cindee  purchased the Black Oak School house property, the old garage, quickly became a  wood working sanctuary. 

As with many artists, this need was hard to focus, sometimes these projects were free form bowls, carved out of
a cast aside piece of burl. At  other times it was toys for his children, nieces, nephews and neighbors.

Depending on the barometer, moon phase and mood, Dan can be found in the Black Oak wood shop, working on anything from a knife, Indian war club,  custom sign, bowl, toy or frankly anything else he feels like. All of which have one common thread….you probably won’t find anything similar at your local store….these are truly one of a kind.

Welcome to our world, enjoy, participate, and let us know if there’s anything you want to discuss, have an interest in, or would like get your hands on

Woodworking Projects


Whether you looking for a counter top, table or other surface, you can create a one-of-kind natural work of art.  


Hand carved.  Each bowl has an unique character and style of its own. 

Cutting Boards

Creative combinations of wood species, inlays and unique shapes and forms. 


Natural wood or handprinted, wooden signs showcase your 


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Milled Beams & Slabs


Custom beams for an application. Call for prices and availability.


Slabs are in high demand in for today’s furniture and architectural design needs.   Choose from a variety of local and regions hardwoods.   


For any inquiries please email