Beams & Slabs

Custom Milled & Rough Cut

Our Slabs and Beams are milled from locally sourced trees, we have a unique selection of slabs and beams.  We carry many of the common species indigenous to Pennsylvania’s forests such as, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Maple, as well as some common soft woods such as Pine, Spruce and hemlock.  Within these categories, we often can offer a unique selction of species which are more difficult to find, such as Red, White, Chestnut oaks, various species of Maples, Spalted slabs etc.  Some reclaimed pieces allow us to offer true American Chestnut, however most of the inventory is comprised of Cherries, Oaks, Walnut and maples.

Our slab inventory also can run the gammet from thin to thick, short to long.  Most slabs are cut 2” to 4 “ thick and range anywhere from 8” to 50+” wide.  

Within our mantle inventory we try and mill these to fit specifications common to fireplace mantels and other structural and architectural needs.   These can range from 3 to 10” thick and anywhere from 3 to 12 feet long.  While impossible to eliminate checking in large beams, it can be minimized by slower air drying.  We have a number of sizes and species to pick from.


Hemlock, Oak, Elm and more local hardwood species are available.   Contact us today to see what is available or place your order

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Walnut, Maple, Red Oak and other species can provide you with the unique and distinct appearances of custom slabs. 


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